This site was initiated by a group of well-known volcano photographers to present some of their work and post news about it from time to time:

Dr Tom Pfeiffer

While still studying for his university degree about the Minoan volcanic eruption on Santorini and working at volcano observatories in Hawaii and at Vesuvius, Tom began to travel extensively to volcanoes around the world, published articles and photos as well organized his first volcano tours to Santorini and elsewhere since 1997. In 2004, he started his volcano tour business VolcanoDiscovery. The website has grown into an extensive resource for volcanoes and earthquakes.
Over the years, Tom has become a well-known volcano photographer with countless publications in journals, newspapers, books, websites, TV-shows (including the award-winning series “Volcanic Odysseys” by Canadian documentary film maker Michael Dalton).

Along with geologist Dr, Ingrid Smet, Tom also published his own volcano photo book: